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The Graven One.

By The Purple Man.

The Graven one is an necromancer class in itself, yet one of structures that goes beyond the scourge and normal thoughts.

Graven ones are first living and turn Undead in the end of their power.
Also think first this class is an prestige class and you will most likely be hated and called names for playing it.


* Eyes: The graven ones eyes are often an white or black colour without a glow just a simple shimmering wet white or black colour.
* Skin: The skin of an graven one is pale, sometimes sickly coloured and thin to nearly see through it.
* Other: A Graven one does NOT carry fangs or any other kind of misfit features, they are UNDEAD normal HUMANOIDS.
* Note: A Graven one do not grow anything extra, they lose weight, and muscles as they grow to the undeath of their own race slowly.
* Cloths: Often a black or gray suit of robes unless they summon their plate set of shadows and bones.


* Known for soul, necrotic and shadow based magics where they manipulate the shadows to their will and the souls of dead foes in the area to strike with.
* Focuses heavily on a single powerfull skeletal minion and their magic OR Melee combat with their scythes. (they are NOT an melee class originaly, they are frail)
* They CANNOT summon armies of undead but they can somewhat control a few undeads around them due to fear or full respect which makes the undead mind (or mindless) feel like they are complied to follow the order.
* Note. they cannot control something thats BEYOND their power, most graven ones cannot control a death knight for example, only those of the deepest teachings can. (extremly few and extremly old)
* Capable of summoning an armor made out of shadows and bones interlocking, giving them the advantage of an Plate armor without any of the disadvantages of it.
* They hold no power as a graven one unless they spent atleast One night burried alive in a graveyard during A new moon (aka fullmoon).
* They are capable of using their powers through their scythe, so if their minion holds it they can still cast spells through it.


There is not much known of the history of graven ones or where they originated from, yet it is known that their powers are coming from their will to create the perfect undead minion and to achive undeath from the purest of ways.
(tell me if you know much more)

Other Info:

* Most Graven ones are INDEPENDANT and not scourge, but they got an natural alliance to scourge due to the magic they use. (they got something in common)
* The graven one often keeps to themselves and rarely gather as a group due to their presence would draw too much attention if there are several.
* The Graven ones are not restricted by any race, yet most of them are Humans.
* A graven one is NO fucking alliance or Horde member by standard they are NEUTRAL and hide away from everyone else, so don't bother going to main cities unless you can somehow Hide your frail body or got someone highly set in the city (which is near impossible) to talk good about you.

The Minion:

The Graven Ones minion is a single one which shares its masters power, it is not stronger nor weaker than its master. Yet this is why the graven one is limiting itself to one minion and can only RAISE one single minion under its command.
The minion of the graven one is commanded through verbal commands or by its own thoughts normaly as they are far more mentaly capable than the mindless minions of the necromancers.

The Bone Scythe:

Upon the creation of the graven one a weapon is formed as an extention of the graven ones power, the bone scythe a weapon that the graven one can summon anytime into its hand and is hard to break.
Noone but the Graven one and its minion can use or even Hold the scythe or scythes.

When playing a graven one

You must really be ready for the hate and the OP claims of people around you since your a class which is normaly never used ingame ever.

The Graven Ingame
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TheNecrotyr Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Are not Graven Ones connected to the Forgotten Shadow?
Seeing as the Forgotten Shadow is turning anyone who uses it into undead, it should be noted that it might be the source of their powers.

Necromancers bend the Forgotten Shadow to function for them, most likely are the Graven Ones doing the same.
ThePurpleMan Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Actualy not the graven ones use the deep well of death, necromancy in an extent beyond the way the forsaken use the forgotten shadow, Graven ones turn undead through their constant useage of necromancy to form the perfect undeath. applying to themselves aswell. they are an highly advanced class of necromancers basicly.
yet insted of focusing on mass destruction they focus on creating the perfect undead.
perfectdoll Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*headtilt* This is from the WoW RPG books, isn't it? They're not recognised as lore for the World of Warcraft MMORPG according to Blizzard as far as I know.
ThePurpleMan Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
it is from the RPG books yes its not official in wow, yet there are some who wish to roleplay the being. yet noone knows truely what blizzard plans to add in the future correct?
perfectdoll Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
True that no one knows what Blizzard is planning.

In the meantime though, like you write, those what might want to play these will have to be prepared to be questioned on their choice. Especially since there's already a suitable class in-game that's in the same 'niche' so to speak.
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